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Hear from one of our one own on how we take care of our agents so they can do what matters most.

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Committed to Your Success

We take our agents success serious and we mean it when we say our goal is to help you reach yours. See some of the ways we help our agents grow.

Amazing Training

We don’t like to brag but we are overwhelmingly confident that our training is second to none.

Mentor Programs

We are committed to your success, our goal really is to help you reach yours and we mean it.

Real Results

The average GCI for our agents in 2016 was over $112k, or 3x that of the avg Houston agent.

Level Up Your Career

Our agents receive the benefits of our very own exclusive Abundance Coach Mrs. Alma Sofia Logan, Broker Owner. Alma is a RE/MAX Hall of Famer with over 20 years of real estate success.


Brand Power

RE/MAX agents have the biggest real estate company in the world behind you.
Our job is to help you leverage that power into closings.

RE/MAX Leadstreet

Every RE/MAX agent has access to LeadStreet but we will teach you how to maximize and leverage your FREE leadstreet website and CRM.

RE/MAX University

Learn from more than 1,000 RE/MAX University videos – ranging from multi-day designation courses to “Quick Hits” that deliver bottom-line insights.

RE/MAX Design Center

The RE/MAX Design Center offers thousands of customizable templates for print, online, video and more.


One of the industry’s most visited franchise sites, remax.com receives more than 40 million visits each year. All leads generated from the site are sent to RE/MAX agents, with no referral fee.

The RE/MAX Collection

This specialized site provides an elegant and stylish display of elite home listings, reaching affluent customers around the world.

RE/MAX Commercial

With more than a quarter million commercial properties, remaxcommercial.com features more inventory than any other commercial brokerage network websites.

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